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Little Lost Piggy Tumbles Over Steep Cliff Into Slimy Pond. Seconds Before He Perishes, Hero Snatches Him From The Jaws Of Death

February 19, 2018

This little piggy didn’t go to the market and he sure didn’t eat roast beef!! For whatever reason, he found himself struggling to keep his head above water after he plunged over a tall cliff into a pond covered in green vegetation. It is obvious that he is running out of time as he tries again and again to gain a foothold along the steep, slippery sides.

When I watched the video, I found myself thinking, “Why is someone recording the poor animal’s misery instead of doing something to help???” No sooner had I completed that thought, that the camera pans up to what is going on above the scene.

Never fear!! A group of rescuers is on the job, furiously readying one of them to be lowered down to where the piggy is frantically splashing around, each dip under the surface of the water lasts a little longer, and his time with his nose above water gets shorter. I truly wondered if he would make it. But then I remembered that they would probably not show it if it did not turn out well! :-)

As the brave rescuer gingerly rappels down the rock face, the piglet continues to paddle around in a desperate attempt to keep breathing. Once the hero makes contact with the water, he quickly makes his way to the corner in which the piglet is cornered.

As we all know, piglets are very squirmy and this little guy is no exception. The man has no choice but to use two hands to restrain the piglet, leaving only his legs for climbing back up the sharp incline.

Thanks to the efforts of the rescuers at the top of the precipice who are vigorously pulling on the rope, the man is able to ascend, slowly but surely, to the top. I’m really not sure how he manages without injuring himself, as he is constantly banging his back against the rocky cliff wall.

The second he arrives at the top, the rescuer dashes over to the waiting vehicle and hands off the precious piggy to the people waiting to whisk him away to the clinic for a medical examination.

Once he arrives at the shelter, this little piggy is warmed up and given something to eat. Looking no worse for the wear, the little guy seems to have bounced back from his ordeal We are so happy that the professionals at Animal Aid Unlimited were ready, willing, and able to jump in and save the day.

I love that, although they are well-known as champions of abused, neglected, and abandoned dogs and cats, it’s wonderful to see that they value the lives of donkeys, cows, and little piggies just as much. In fact, their motto is: “Whether a puppy or a piglet, every life is precious.” Amen to that!!

To see the entire rescue operation, just click on the video, below!

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