Maxwell The Cockatoo Doesn't Like The Family Cat. His Hysterical Tirade When His Dad Comes Home Has Millions Cracking Up

August 29, 2017

It goes without saying that we, as people, can become very fond of our pets. At times, it can get downright ridiculous how much attention and time we give our loyal animal friends. If you have a parrot, however, I can see why so much time is devoted to hanging out with your feathered bestie. Parrots have a unique tendency to pick up words and phrases from their owners and it can make for quite the interesting conversation. For one cockatoo named Maxwell, or Mr. Max, his conversations consist of tattling on the family cat, for whom he does not have a particular liking.

On this particular day, Maxwell has a temper tantrum as soon as his dad comes home from work. Apparently, the family cat, Angel, is telling Maxwell stories that he does not want to hear and Max decides he won't listen to any more of it. Maxwell leads his dad into the bathroom, all the while squawking and talking to him. At one point, Maxwell gets very quiet and gets very close to his dad's face, as if he is afraid that the dreaded cat is listening to their conversation. His dad, obviously, hears this all the time because he keeps telling Max that he has warned him about listening to Angel.

Maxwell reenters the bathroom and pounds his beak on a door that leads to the towel closet. Maxwell then reaches his beak under the door and pulls out an old slipper, as if showing his dad irrefutable evidence that Angel is guilty of some atrocious crime. Maxwell starts to get loud again and his dad has to calm him down and make him use his "inside voice." Maxwell may never get to expose Angel for the villain she truly is but we sure are glad his dad caught this attempt on video. Watch below to see the hysterical conversation!

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