This Slow Cooker Recipe Has Gone Viral. Once You See What's Inside, You'll Instantly Understand Why

April 13, 2017

Few things make me as happy as a well-cooked meal that's ready to eat the moment I come home. Some days, all I want to do when I get home is sit down, put my feet up, and dig into a savory, juicy meal. Unless you have the luxury of having someone at home cooking a meal for you, an idea like this is merely a distant fantasy.

Thanks to this crazy-amazing recipe and the help of your Crock-Pot, that dream can quickly become a weeknight reality. My Crock-Pot is a tool I can’t seem to live without and it comes in handy on those nights where I need a simple and easy home-cooked meal. Depending on the meal you cook in your Crock-Pot, you can end up with a ton of leftovers for the following nights.

One day as I was scouring YouTube, I came across the recipe for Mississippi Pot Roast. Within seconds, my mouth instantly started watering and my mind went to fond childhood memories. I grew up in Mississippi, so this is something that my mother made quite often. Let me be the first to tell you, this is seriously incredible!

My brother and I played sports so that meant our schedule was always jam-packed full. In order to work meals into this schedule, her Crock-Pot was her saving grace. Before we would leave for school in the morning, my mother would put a pot roast in the Crock-Pot. When we would get home that afternoon, our tasty meal would be waiting for us and, boy, did it smell good!

We’d scarf it down as fast as we could before running out the door once more. It was so simple but bursting with flavor! It's definitely worth sharing with all your meat-loving friends and family.

It's delicious simply paired with mashed potatoes and green beans. It's also good on a toasted hoagie with pepperoncini peppers atop. It's the perfect addition to a family BBQ, weeknight dinner, or weekly lunch. No matter how you spin it, it's magnificent!

Check out the recipe on the following page to see just how to make this tender, mouthwatering pot roast. I can tell you that within one bite, you'll be going back for lots more!


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