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Mother Posts Photos Of Newborn Twins Online. Not Long After Their First Birthday, She’s Faced With A Haunting Realization That Someone Has “Cyber Kidnapped” Her Children

September 08, 2017

The second you lay eyes on your child for the first time, you become the most proud human on the planet. Their features are perfect in every way and you could simply stare at them for hours on end. You take thousands of photos because you want to remember every second of their lives.

With the wild popularity of social media, you can upload your precious photos instantly so that all your friends and family can see just how adorable your bundle of joy truly is. It’s a seemingly harmless act and people, young and old, do it on a regular basis without a second thought. A woman named April did this very thing, and events took a dark turn in ways she never could have imagined.

In 2012, Amy and her husband Nathan, welcomed precious twin girls, Vivienne and Sophia, into the world. Amy quickly connected with other moms-of-multiples in a Facebook group. This group was a support system to encourage other moms and to share tips, tricks, and advice. She created an account under a false name to protect herself and her family and, occasionally, posted photos of her beautiful little girls. Everything seemed quite ordinary until her girls turned one. She received a notification from a fellow group member alerting her that someone online had stolen her photos and claimed the girls as her own.

Naturally, this was quite startling information to hear, so she began to investigate the situation. Sure enough, a woman, that Amy and Nathan had never met, had been stealing the photos of their daughters and claiming them as her own. This wasn’t even the most frightening part! They discovered that this strange woman had changed the girls’ names to Adaya and Kamberlin. “She basically took my photos offline and made up a complete lie of her as their mom and has a story to go along with every single picture of my girls,” Amy said.

It was at that very moment that the couple realized their daughters had fallen victim to digital kidnapping. They called the police and notified them of the situation. They found out that this woman had been arrested before on several charges. The police felt as though their hands were tied in this situation because they couldn’t do anything concerning cyber-stealing.

Things got worse for the family when they found out even more haunting information. This woman had gone as far as printing out the photos of these children and had them framed all over her home! They were hanging on the walls in her living room, bedroom, and hallway.

They knew they had to do something about this because they were growing more fearful for the well-being of their children. They appeared on the Dr. Phil show to discuss the continually haunting scenario. In a shocking turn of events, the woman accused of allegedly cyber-kidnapping the children, also chose to appear on the show. Her side of the story is equally as bizarre! She completely denies all allegations pointed her way and insists that she's being falsely accused. Check out the videos, below, to see both takes on the matter.

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