Teddy Bear Keeps Disappearing. So Owner Sets Up A Hidden Camera To Catch The Culprit In The Act. What She Caught On Camera Is Hilarious.

August 10, 2017

This dog can't get enough of this stuffed bear and he won't leave it alone. Typically, dogs are obsessed with balls, bones and squeaky toys, but not this tiny pooch, he loves a stuffed bear double his size.

His mom decided to film the culprit in action and caught this very hilarious act on film. It is no surprise this video has gone viral and the internet is going crazy over this dog and his teddy.

The Dachshund pulls and adjusts to drag this huge stuffed animal into his kennel. As easy as you can say 1,2,3 - the bear is gone. His determination is obvious, and you can see he can't live a day without his bear. Watch the video below and get a kick out of this pooch and his buddy bear.

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