Phoenix Is A Beautiful Siamese Cat Who Is Not Content To Just Stay Home; She Craves Adventure

November 29, 2017

Phoenix is a beautiful Siamese Cat with lovely blue eyes. She was rescued at a young age, and that is when her adventurous life began! She started by taking walks on a harness with her mom.

Soon, she worked her way up to hiking. One of her favorite places to explore is The Hollywood Hills!

Her adventures didn't stop there though! Phoenix loves to climb trees and she has even braved the open seas while paddle-boating.

While many cats do not like water and are even fearful of it, Phoenix is always up for a little water play. She loves to visit the ocean!

You may be wondering how well Phoenix handles traveling to her destinations. According to Phoenix the only way to ride in a car is to lie right on your mom's shoulders, where you know you are safe but can also enjoy the passing scenery.

When Phoenix is not out on her various adventures, she enjoys being a home-kitty! Cuddling and lazing the day away is usually on her to-do list.

What makes Phoenix the happiest kitty though? She is always delighted when she is with her mom; no matter what they are doing, she is her favorite! I'm so glad that Phoenix’ mom has shared her adventure-kitty with the rest of us!

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