Pilot Asks Everyone To "Please Stay Seated." When They Look Out The Windows They See Why And Everyone Starts To Cry

October 09, 2017

Recently, Mike Helms was on a flight that had just landed in Oklahoma City when the pilot got on the intercom with an announcement. That is not unusual but what he asks of his passengers is. informed the passengers they had been carrying fallen soldier Brooke Newton home to her family.

He asked everyone to stay in their seats and give a moment of silence as the casket of our fallen soldier was taken off the plane and she was returned to her family. Mike looked out the window while they waited, and what he saw he will never forget. This is what he wrote on Facebook that touched the lives of so many.


"My plane landed in Oklahoma City last night. When we stopped at the terminal, the pilot announced that he would like to inform us that we were flying one of our fallen soldiers home to her family. He asked that we remain on the plane until our soldier was removed from the plane first. He also asked that we give a moment of silence."

"As we sat there waiting, I decided to look out the window and this is what I saw. A mother and father hysterically crying on their fallen soldiers casket. Standing off to the side were soldiers from her unit saluting their fallen soldier."


"This moment hit me hard for some reason. I couldn't hold back tears. As I looked around the plane, I was hoping nobody would see my moment of weakness but to my surprise, damn near everyone on the plane was crying."

"The media is what divides us. I saw no division on that plane last night. I saw Americans paying respect to their countryman. A woman who put her life on the line for me, and you, and your freedoms."

"She died like many before her to give you the right to spit in her face while taking a knee during our national anthem or burning our flag in the street."

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