Playful Dog Refuses To Give Up On His New Branch, Even If It Is Still Attached To The Tree

February 09, 2018

German Shepherds have earned a reputation as a playful and wonderful pet and for good reason. Of course, they are still working dogs and so they have a drive and determination that can rival anyone!

One German Shepherd named Knight was more than happy to show off to everyone just how determined he could be, when he found a branch he just had to have! Unfortunately, the branch just so happened to still be on the tree!

He jumped up, grabbing hold of the branch in his strong jaws and tried to yank it off. It was just a bit too high for his paws to reach the ground comfortably, leaving him bouncing along, off the ground, as he attempted to pull the branch off the tree.

He yanked and bobbed, trying desperately to get the branch to break off. However, he refused to give up and kept holding on, hoping that the branch would come free.

Knight’s determination was something to be envied, and it brought some true enjoyment to all of those who were there to see him work! This stubborn dog held on for over 30 seconds before dropping, but he only jumped back up, adjusting his grip again.

This video was one of the most hysterical things we’ve seen in a long long time, and it’s a great way to get a smile at the end of a long day! We’re hoping this video brings as big of a smile to your face as it did to all of ours!