Pregnant Goat Is All Alone Until Unlikely Furry Midwife Shows Up In The Nick Of Time [VIDEO]

May 18, 2017

Animals have a tendency to become heroes in the most unlikely of circumstances. There have been dogs that have saved children from burning buildings and cats that have saved children from aggressive dogs. Heroism seems to run strong through most of the animal kingdom. That was certainly the case with a cat named "Pretty Boy" when he met a goat in need of assistance.

Pretty Boy, a family cat, decided to go out for a stroll one evening. The cat belonged to a family that lived on a ranch so he had plenty of space to roam and places to explore. Near the end of his walk, Pretty Boy decided to take a short cut back to the house through the stables.

Pretty Boy walked through the stables, minding his own business when he heard a strange noise. The cat stopped in his tracks and listened. Sure enough, he heard it again. Not wanting to be out of the loop, Pretty Boy changed course and set off in the direction of the noise he had heard.

Pretty Boy finally came to the end of the stable, which was where the noise was coming from and turned into the last stall to find a goat. The goat was making noises of distress and Pretty Boy entered the stall to see if he could help. Soon, Pretty Boy realized why the goat was in such distress.

The goat was, in fact, pregnant and very far along as far as the cat could tell. The goat, being just days away from birth, was all alone and needed someone to comfort her. Pretty Boy knew that he could not just leave the goat alone so he decided to become her stand-in midwife.

Pretty Boy stayed by the mama goat's side for days. He massaged her belly through all of her contractions and the mama goat was so thankful for her new friend. On their downtime, the goat allowed Pretty Boy to lay on top of her and the two slept in the same stall every night.


After days of contractions and much preparation, Pretty Boy knew that the big day was just around the corner and the furry midwife was not about to miss a second of the action. The video on the next page shows the unique and adorable friendship between Pretty Boy and his new goat friend. CLICK "NEXT PAGE" TO READ THE REST OF THE STORY...

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