Rescuers Got A Call About An Unidentifiable Animal Needing Their Help, When They Saw What It Was They Immediately Rushed Into Action

August 04, 2017

In Leeds, England a six year old Lhaso Apso suffered great neglect at the hands of an uncaring monster. The dog would soon be known as Soldier, as he never stopped fighting even with all the pain and suffering he was forced to endure. Soldier was found with his fur so matted, witnesses couldn’t even tell if they were looking at a dog.

Soldier’s coat was so matted that his leg was stuck to his ear! He was so bad off that he his fur had began to pull off his skin. Soldier had to be sedated in order to keep the pain at bay while they shaved him. The mats were so horrific on his face that it was pulling his skin off around his eyes.

He was in such horrific condition that the RSPCA determined he must have been dumped near where he was found or he had lived nearby, because there was no way he could have travelled far with the degree of matting he had. They managed to shave poor Soldier down completely, and then get him placed into a foster care where he received the greatest love and care this poor neglected dog had ever known. We hope that Soldier only gets the finest care for the rest of his life, and is loved by all.

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