Roselle Led Her Blind Owner Down 78 Flights Of Stairs When The North Tower Was Struck On September 11, 2001. This Hero Dog Saved Her Owner's Life

September 08, 2017

Guide dogs for the blind, serve an important role in the world. They make sure their handlers are able to live a relatively normal life, even with their disability. A guide dog ensures its owner can walk safely throughout the city, without fear of cars, crosswalks, or other dangers. Roselle, the yellow Labrador, was Michael Hingson’s guide, and she took that job seriously.

Michael Hingson worked in the North Tower on September 11, 2001, and was in his office on the 78th floor when the plane struck. Moving quickly, they began to evacuate the tower together. Roselle carefully led Michael through the panicked crowds, down the flights of stairs, and away from danger.

Thanks to Roselle’s loyalty to Michael and her training, she was able to remain calm even with the chaos all around her. Without Roselle, it’s unknown if Michael would have made it to safety in the pandemonium that followed. As a result of her heroic actions, she was awarded the American Kennel Club’s American Hero Dog of the Year Award.

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