Teddy Is One Of The Cutest Ponies You've Ever Seen, And When You Get A Glimpse At His Adorable Photos You Won't Be Able To Stop Your Smile

September 05, 2017

Ponies are the dream of young girls everywhere, although these spunky animals have been known to make them regret their love. Ponies can become playful little punks who are prone to causing mischief. However, there are many ponies determined to show that they are not all trouble-makers!

Teddy is a shetland pony who is one of the friendliest equines you’ll ever see. He seems dedicated to convincing us he’s not one of those mischievous ponies, and his Instagram is full of adorable photos to prove it! He loves to race around his paddock, or hang out with the dogs and bigger horses. Although Teddy loves to run, he prefers to just hang out and be petted or brushed whenever he’s given the choice.

Some of the cutest photos to be found on his page are of Teddy all dressed up! You can see him wearing a fluffy gray hat, a helmet, or even all decked-out in a sweater, boots, and flat cap! Teddy is definitely one of the cutest ponies to be seen, and that’s why his Instagram has become so popular. His Instagram was started in December 2015 and, since then, he’s posted 422 adorable photos that have gained him an impressive 41,000 followers!

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