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The First 7 Years Of Bindi’s Life Were Hell. Thanks To The Love Of Her Mom, She’s Overcome It All

October 23, 2017

Bindi is a gorgeous Corgi-Mix whose years are evident in the gorgeous salt-and-pepper look of her fur. This sweet dog lives with her doting Momma and two adopted siblings. She loves to play with her sibs, but her favorite thing of all is to nestle up with her owner, napping in the sunlight. While Bindi’s life may sound perfect now, the true horror of all she endured would surprise you to hear.

Bindi’s tale began a whopping 17 years ago in rural southern Indiana. As a young pup, Bindi wound up in the hands of a breeder, and it was not a reputable one. In the clutches of this Backyard Breeder and hoarder, Bindi suffered for seven years in her own personal hell.

The Backyard Breeder had over 100 animals on the property with Bindi, and they still continued to allow dogs to breed haphazardly. For those seven years, Bindi produced litter after litter of puppies that the Backyard Breeder turned around to sell for profit. Bindi was neglected and starved for human attention. Those seven years were devoid of any love or affection, and she suffered horribly.

Bindi received no medical care, and never once was seen by a vet. The backyard breeder did not care what happened to her, so long as she continued to produce litter after litter of sellable puppies. She was forced to live in truly disgusting conditions, with hardly anything to eat or drink. The sight of the animals suffering so greatly was enough to bring tears to the eyes of the rescuers.

In 2007, Vanderburgh Humane Society heard about the plight of the animals at the Backyard Breeder where Bindi lived. They were able to save 68 dogs and 21 cats from the horrible conditions. When Bindi arrived at the shelter, she blended into the massive pack of dogs needing help.

After Bindi’s rescue, she locked eyes with a volunteer who was working hard to win these dogs over and to teach them about the good things in life. When the volunteer met Bindi’s eyes, she immediately fell head-over-heels and knew that Bindi would be coming home with her. She was right, and the two have been living together ever since.

Bindi may have had one of the roughest starts in life that any dog could have ever been forced to endure, but she’s never let it hold her back. This amazing dog has never turned against people, even though she’s been given plenty of reason to do so. She’s come a long way from the neglected and abused Backyard Breeder pup to the happy and beloved canine she is today.

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