The Future Looked Dim For Blind Stray Cat Mr. Magoo, Until His Face Stole Her Heart

October 22, 2017

Meet Mr. Magoo or Goo for short! Mr. Magoo is a specially-abled kitty that was born blind due to a congenital disability called Microphthalmia. His eyes never fully developed and he is technically blind. Unfortunately, Mr. Magoo was either born or abandoned on the streets of Philadelphia.

When he was about two years old, he was found living as a stray. How he survived living on the streets while blind is beyond me! He was taken to a shelter, but unfortunately, it was full and did not have room for a blind cat; he was then put on "the list."


To make matters worse, Mr. Magoo was sick, very sick. That is not good news for a cat that is already on death row. The poor thing had an infection and was soon severely dehydrated; nothing the vets tried was able to help him. All seemed hopeless for this sweet creature.


Luckily, before he'd gotten sick, the Blind Cat Rescue and Sanctuary heard of his plight and posted on their Philly page that he needed to be adopted now or he would soon be euthanized. Mr. Magoo's mom, Colleen, saw the post and after talking with her husband decided they needed to save him!

There was a problem, though. The blind, sick cat had been transferred and was proving hard to locate. Over the next four days, Colleen called four different shelters, talked to at least a dozen people, and e-mailed and posted on Facebook until FINALLY, she got the email that changed her and Mr. Magoo's lives! The sightless cat had been found!

When Colleen and her husband arrived to pick up their new furry, blind companion, they were told he had taken a turn overnight and was doing much worse. He would not be able to go home with them. They waited to bring him home in hopes that he would start getting better. It was almost a week later, and Mr. Magoo was not improving. At that time the doctors decided he may actually do better if taken home.


According to his human mama, even though his eyes were all gooey and bloody, she fell in love with that face right away! Colleen nursed Mr. Magoo back to health, wiping the blood and goo off of his face daily, and Mr. Magoo started to get noticeably better within just three days. What a labor of love! Mr. Magoo is much healthier and 100% happier now that he’s found his purr-fect fur-ever home!

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