Bear May Look Like A Cantankerous Cat, But Don't Let His Looks Fool You

October 19, 2017

Bear is the most adorably grumpy Himalayan Cat that I have ever seen! Himalayans or “Himmies” are known for their round heads, large eyes, and flat-faces. Himmies were first bred in the 1900s by combining Persian Cats with Siamese Cats and have become one of the most popular breeds to own.

Bear was adopted at ten months of age and lives in Toronto, Canada with his humans. They didn't know then that he would become such a celebrity but began sharing his pictures for friends and family. Soon more and more people fell in love with him!

He has gorgeous blue eyes, fluffy white/gray fur, and the most adorably cantankerous look on his face! Who could resist this feline charmer?

Don't let Bear's name or face fool you; he really is a very happy kitty cat! He even enjoys the outdoors at times, as you can tell by this beautiful fall picture, below!

We are so glad that Bear's humans decided to share his beauty and his fun personality with the rest of the world! Even the grumpiest-looking cats can be the sweetest!

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