These Top 10 Panda Bears Are So Cute They’re Sure To Melt Your Heart

October 16, 2017

Panda Bears have long captured the hearts of millions of people all across the planet. These spectacular animals happen to be extremely rare - there are only about 2,000 of them in the entire world. There are around 400 captive Panda Bears, and each one belongs to China, although they are often leased to zoos in other countries! When the cubs are four years old, they get returned to China to enter a breeding program of their own.

Panda Bears are not only completely fascinating, but they are also extremely adorable! Scientists theorize that the reason we adore Pandas as we do is that their charming good looks remind us of babies! That’s why we’ve gathered photos of the Top Ten Cutest Pandas for you!

1. This gorgeous Panda who loves to chomp on bamboo all day long

2. This adorable baby Panda whose curiosity knows no bounds

3. This three-legged Panda who has mastered his balance!

4. This cute bundle of 19 baby Pandas!

5. This happy Panda Bear who is surrounded by his favorite thing in the world - bamboo

6. This beautiful Panda Bear whose beauty is rivaled by his awesome enclosure!

7. This playful Panda who loves to climb anything he can!

8. This magnificent Panda who loves the climbing structure in his cage

9. This goofy Panda who loves to lounge way up in the treetops

10. This cheerful Panda who loves to smile

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