This Dog Stopped the Unthinkable, What He Did Left His Owner In Tears

July 31, 2017

Dogs are commonly known as Man’s Best Friend, for good reason. Geo is a rare Welsh Bull Mastiff, and at the age of six years old, he stopped his owner from committing suicide. Byron, Geo’s owner, had gone through the recent loss of a relationship, and had fallen deep into depression. After he spent the day drinking, Byron began to contemplate suicide.

Byron decided to kill himself, and tied a noose for himself. He then went downstairs to write a suicide note, and when he returned he found Geo holding his noose. As Byron tried to retrieve the noose from Geo, Geo began to growl - which is something Geo never did.

The more Byron tried to retrieve the noose from Geo, the harder Geo growled. Eventually, Geo was able to destroy the noose and end Byron’s suicide attempt. Byron firmly believes that Geo knew what he was attempting to do, and that without Geo’s intervention, he would not be alive today. Good boy, Geo.


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