This Video Of A German Shepherd Moving His Ears To His Favorite Song Will Have You In Stitches. I Can't Stop Laughing.


One thing I absolutely love to do is dance and car dancing has ALWAYS been a favorite pass time of mine while sitting in traffic. I remember being a kid and making up hand routine's with my cousin so we could entertain cars we passed driving down the street (don't worry we weren't actually driving) I'm talking about when we were like 7, 8, 9-years old. 


Also, for the last 10 years, I've helped lead a kids dance team with kids ages 6 to 12. We've had some great opportunities to dance for our community at events around town and I've had a lot of fun choreographing these dances for the kids over the years. My favorite though was when I let the kids be a part of making up the dance routines. It's amazing to see kids be creative and take ownership of something.

It's amazing to see kids be creative and take ownership of something. So it's safe to say that I enjoy a good tune and I like to get up and move to the beat every chance I get.


But I am pretty confident that I have met my match in this dog video. When I first saw this video I let out a huge laugh, LOL. I had to show everyone and we have all came to the conclusion that this is too funny to not share. CLICK "NEXT PAGE" TO WATCH THE VIDEO...

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