Yuna Suffered Unspeakable Horrors At The Hands Of Those Who Should Have Protected Her - Then Her Savior Stepped In

December 04, 2017

Yuna is a gorgeous two-year-old former street dog who lives with her doting mother and two siblings in Germany. This adorable pup loves to play tug-of-war with her siblings all day long. She also loves to pose with her best siblings, for absolutely breath-taking photographs for her momma!

Yuna may be living the good life nowadays, but it wasn’t always so. In fact, the start of her life is rather sad. No one knows quite how she ended up where she did, but as a young dog, Yuna found herself at a Romanian Killing shelter, praying for salvation.

As if the mere fact that it was a killing shelter wasn’t bad enough, the shelter was known for their cruel and inhumane treatment of the dogs in its care. The animals were often denied food or water when funding ran scarce. They were also yelled at and beaten by the keepers who viewed them only as inconveniences. In winter, the cruel caretakers would throw buckets of cold water on the dogs and kennels in order to clean the cages the pups were forced to call home.

Luckily for Yuna, she was one of the precious few dogs pulled from the hell-hole to go to the Margaret Shelter, a no-kill facility where she would get the love and care she deserved, while she awaited her forever home. By the time they pulled her, she had a broken shoulder that had never received medical care and a horrible scar from the mistreatment she’d endured. Even though she was safely in the hands of her heroes, Yuna was still missing one important thing - a name.

Yuna’s future momma was searching for a new dog to add to her family and wanted to make sure she took home one that desperately needed the love. Since Germany doesn’t have a vast population of stray dogs or even kill shelters, she made the decision to look at dogs available in other countries. From the moment she laid eyes on Yuna, she knew they were all meant to be one big family. It didn’t take long for Yuna to go home with her new adoring momma.

Yuna never showed aggression or fear, even after all she’d endured. From the day she arrived home, she’s been one of the best dogs around, according to her owner. She was calm, sweet, and one of the happiest dogs around, as if she knew she was finally safe. She may have endured hell in her former country, but this pup is finally safe and living the good life in the hands of her caring owner.

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