Tiny Pit Bull Born Different And About To Die, Until One Lady Steps In To Save Her Life

January 15, 2018

This is the story of a tiny pit bull who was born a little different. A nurse practitioner in Westchester County, New York, found the tiny newborn puppy and decided she had to do something to help her. She couldn't just leave her in the situation she was in and she knew that this little pup needed someone to fight for her life.

Sasha suffered from Hydrocephalus which is fluid buildup under the skull, an upper respiratory infection, a urinary tract infection, and orthopedic issues. This poor baby was in desperate need of some care. She had a long road to recovery, but with all the love and care she received she was destined to improve.

After receiving the care she needed she has had a turnaround. She is getting stronger and stronger every day and even gets to wear adorable dresses and sweaters to keep her warm. Her face still has a deformity but, despite that, she is a strong and confident puppy. Thanks to Marie, Sasha has a real chance at a great life!

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