Dad Filmed Bossy Baby Having Two-Way Conversation Every Morning. When People See Who It Was With They Can't Help But Laugh

July 25, 2017

We all know animals are good listeners. Well, most of the time. They are good listeners in the fact that they are normally quiet when you talk, which is always a trait of a good listener. They may not be the best at doing what you tell them to do, however.

It's always nice to come home and tell your pet about your day. Whether it was a good day and you are extremely happy or you had a bad day and need a cuddle from your companion. They are usually there waiting and eager to see you!

While our pets may seem genuinely interested in what we are saying, I'm not sure if that is the truth. I think cats are usually thinking "Is it time to eat?" while dogs are probably thinking "Did you just say walk, let's go!" But they usually sit there and let us jabber away. 

Kids seem to have a special connection with animals. It's almost like kids know that animals aren't going to judge them. Animals won't be upset with them for saying something that just doesn't make any sense either. They usually just look at them intently when they talk. 

 I think another reason little kids really like animals is that they can boss them around. Especially, when they are the youngest child and are used to being bossed around by older siblings all the time. They feel like the cat or dog is the one thing they are able to tell what to do. Now whether or not the animal listens, is another story! 

Take cats, for example. In their minds, they are the boss of your entire house. So, when you tell them to do something, they very rarely oblige. They will give you a mouthful, however, if they feel like something unfair is going on. Like, maybe you are eating tuna without them, how dare you! 

In the video below, we have a cute little toddler and her patient tabby cat. Her dad said that the girl and her kitty have conversations like this every day. They are basically arguing, it's just hilarious! The girl says something to the kitty in her toddler gibberish and the cat "says" something back in its perfect feline way, almost in protest. Maybe the kitty in the video believes the little girl is saying things about him that aren't true. Or maybe she is bossing him around. You watch and be the judge! 

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