Toddler Bends Down To Give Dog Some Love. The Dog Had Other Plans, And We Can’t Stop Laughing

February 21, 2018

Dogs are undeniably some of the most loving creatures on the planet. I’m almost certain their hearts are made of pure gold because their main goal in life is to ensure their owner’s complete happiness every second of every day. They are the most loyal companion and know just how to turn our frowns upside down in a split second.

When you combine a sweet, loving dog with an utterly adorable toddler, you’re guaranteed to see love galore! The way they interact together is sweeter than words can say. They’re destined to be best friends for life.

One little toddler adores his furry friends. While playing with them one sunny afternoon, he decides to give his fluffy canine a big kiss. The dog sat patiently watching the little ones every move.

As soon as the young boy bent down to smooch his pooch, the dog caught on to what was happening. What happened next left the entire family in stitches!

As soon as the toddler kissed the dog, the dog returned the favor with a big, sloppy lick. The little boy was definitely not expecting that reaction at all! After that encounter, with a wrinkled face, the young one simply yelled, “YUCK!”

Check out the cute video, below. Even though it isn’t the most pleasurable feeling to be licked in the mouth by a pooch, we know he only wanted to return his adoration to his little human.

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