Unwanted Pit Bull With Dwarfism Is Dumped By Breeder Then She Is Finds The Best Home Ever

July 19, 2017


Meet the most adorable dog in the WORLD. This is Sassy, aka Sassy - The Small Wonder. You wouldn't know it by looking at her but she is a purebred Pit Bull. Born to a backyard breeder" in New York, she was abandon because of how she looked. But lucky for her, it was the best thing that happened to her.

After Sassy was born, the breeder took Sassy to the local animal shelter because she not valuable for the breeder and would not make him any money due to her disabilities. Thankfully, a kind person at animal control contacted Kim Bonomo, a volunteer with Forgotten Friends of Long Island. This organization specializes in rescuing animals on their way to be euthanized at shelters because something is "wrong" with them.

Sadly the rescue group believed Sassy would no live a long life but they wanted her to have a GOOD life so they created a Facebook page to help her find a loving home. Not surprisingly, many people were interested in adopting her, but one lucky man stood above the rest and the rescue group felt that he had the home for Sassy.

Ernie Altamirano was the lucky one to bring Sassy home. Sassy now lives with Altamirano at his home in Long Island, New York, along with her two siblings who are also other rescue dogs with special needs, Chiqui Gonzalez and Dolly Parton.

Altamirano said, "She loves big dogs! She's so small to be a Pit Bull but she knows she is a big dog. Sass was born with dwarfism because of bad breeding. She's a dwarf. She has really bad hip dysplasia. She has bent legs. She has flipper feet. Her little paws are not really developed. She twerks when she walks because she has such bad hip dysplasia," Altamirano said. "They were going to try and straighten her legs, but she has flipper feet. She kind of walks on her forearms, and her feet are really just 'there.' They're underdeveloped. So if they straighten her legs, she's just going to be walking on the ends of bone because these feet don't do anything."

Also, Sassy can't bark, but Altamirano said he finds it endearing. "She just claps her jaw," he said. "You know she's trying to bark because she's just doing this jaw clap. I think it's hysterical."

But what Altamirano loves most about Sassy is that she has a determined spirit, she doesn't let her health issues stop her.. "She's got a lot of problems,"he continued. "But she's totally smart, and she has no idea any of these things are going on."She may have been abandoned by her breeder because of how she looked. But her new dad saw how beautiful and special she was and knew he had to take her home. This amazing pup has been beating the odds ever since.

Everyone said that she would probably only have three years to live. But to everyone's shock, she's about to turn 5!!! Happy 'almost' Birthday sweet girl. Altamirano couldn't be more blessed to have Sassy in his life. "She's so sweet," he said. "You can't not love this dog. She's just the happiest little girl." Watch the video below and fall in live with Sass, we all have!! Watch the video below:

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