Vets Never Expected Snow White To Live Longer Than A Few Days. Two Years Later, She’s Showing Them How Wrong They Were

November 02, 2017

Snow White is a gorgeous little mutt who lives with her adoring momma! Snow White is a mix of three rather unusual breeds - her mom is a Golden Retriever/Mini Poodle, and her dad is an Australian Cattle Dog. Snow White is an amazing dog who loves to help her momma foster dogs and prepare them for their forever homes.

Snow White loves to play and be just like any normal dog, but one glance at her tells the tale of a dog with a true fighting spirit! Snow White was born extremely sick and the runt of her litter; she was never expected to survive more than a few days. Snow White was born at a rescue, and hand-raised by her foster parent because of how sick she was. She was born with a hole in her head, a cleft palate, and a cleft lip. Her medical problems were bad enough that she had to be tube-fed every two-to-three hours for the first five months of her life.

Compared to her siblings, Snow White was a tiny puppy. So much so that, at first, they wondered if she had a different father (maybe a Chihuahua) from the rest of her litter - a common occurrence in dogs! After DNA testing of the entire litter, they were surprised to find out she was an identical sibling and that her size was due to her runt status and medical problems. The litter is fully grown now, and most of her siblings are about 45 pounds; Snow White weighs a whopping 18 pounds!

When Snow White was five months old, she had surgery to repair her cleft palate - so she could finally eat on her own. Sadly, her medical problems still plague her, and she is still not able to be a normal pup. She has been diagnosed with dental disease, and will likely lose all of her teeth. Already, at one and a half years old, the vet had to remove three teeth and informed them that she will have to have full dental cleanings every six months.

As a result of all the time and special care that Snow White required, her foster momma became extremely attached to her, and she decided to become her permanent mom. Now, Snow White is living the good life. Even though she’s had her fair share of medical setbacks, she’s a family member who is extremely loved. Her foster mother dotes on Snow White, taking amazing care of her. Snow White spends her free days playing, eating her special homemade food, and helping new foster dogs adjust to life in a foster home!

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