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Watch These 5 Dachshunds Penny, Valerie, Ruby, Zeus And Snoop Swim In An Epic Doggie Race. We Got Our Money On Snoop

July 11, 2017

Okay, these swimming Dachshunds are adorable and hilarious but really it's the man behind the camera who has us cracking up. His commentary of these pups who are lined up for a swimming race is too funny. Some good fun and little-lighthearted competition never hurt anyone, right?

This family is obviously the proud owners of 5 distinctly different dachshunds. Ranging in color, size, and personality. You can see how each of the dogs responds differently to the fact that they are about to be tossed into the pool of water and race their 'siblings'. Clearly, their human dad has his money on the pup at the end of the lineup, but I'll let you hear it for yourself.


Here are some facts about dachshunds: They are not hypoallergenic, darn! The life span of a dachshund is typically 14-17 years and at the standard size they get up to 33lbs down to 16lbs. They are originally from Germany and the name"dachshund is of German origin and literally means "badger dog."

These dogs are playful, can be stubborn, lively and energetic, devoted friends, strong and courageous, and super clever. Because of their long, narrow build, they are often nicknamed wiener dog or sausage dog."Dachshund" may be erroneously pronounced and/or spelled "dash hound," "dash-hound," or "dashound" by some English speakers.Dachshunds have short hair or long hair and come in all types of colors.


Back to the Dachshund Open and these 5 adorable dachshunds. Here is how he describes each of the 5 dachshunds about to race in this epic first ever Dachshund Open: We've got Penny aka Half Cent a short hair black and tan dachshund. Next is Valerie aka Blonde Bombshell a long hair cream colored dachshund. Then there is Ruby aka Rupert a short-haired red dachshund. Then we have Zeus aka Chewy a long-haired red dachshund. Then last but not lease, Snoop aka the Snooper.  

We know it's hard to just focus on one of these dogs, they are all completely adorable. But do yourself a favor and keep a close eye on the one at the end as he prepares to win the race. He pre-warm up game is strong. Watch this epic dachshund race below and enjoy so good laugh as you watch these pup battle it out:

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