When Couple Frantically Searches For Crying Coming From Inside Their Wall, They Never Expect To Rescue A Best Friend For Their Pup

December 05, 2017

When a couple heard a faint crying sound coming from somewhere within their house, they knew they needed to find out what it was. Before that question could be answered though, they had to find out where the sad sound was coming from. Almost a week after they first heard the small cry, they spent two days searching their attic, and throughout the inside and outside of their home. Finally, their search concentrated on their bathroom. There they opened up the wall inside a closet.


It was here that they discovered a tiny, gray kitten lying along the side of the tub. It was alone and looked to still be very young. Reaching inside the wall, they pulled out the helpless creature and began to care for it.

The couple already had a sweet French Bulldog named Lola. They hoped once the kitten was old enough, the two would become buddies.

Luna is now a feisty youngster and absolutely adores her big fur-sister, Lola! Lola loves being a big sister, and the two are inseparable.

How lucky for Luna that her mama had left her in a crawl space where humans would search tirelessly to find the small, crying, helpless creature. Now she has a loving family, including a doting big sister!

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