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When Team Arrives To Free Trapped Horse, Her Baby Won’t Leave Her Side. We Think She Loves Her Mama, Don’t You?

December 04, 2017

Mama horse gets tangled up in a crazy situation when one of her hind legs gets stuck in her untamed mane, and she cannot get it out. Her baby is concerned and refuses to leave her mother’s side. When the team shows up to help the mama horse get untangled, the mare’s baby is determined to stay with her; she won't budge out of her sight and is clearly distraught at the turn of events.

Facts about horses: It takes 11 months for a foal to fully develop inside the mother. When the baby horse is first born it is called a foal. A horse's father is called a sire (stallion) and the mother of a horse is called a dam (mare). A foal can stand, walk, and run within a short time after its birth.

Back to this story. When the rescue team arrives they notice that the baby horse is pacing back and forth, obviously worried about her mom. The mare cannot get up because her hoof is stuck in her own mane. Rescuers finally get close enough to cut her free. Her foal runs circles around them the entire time.

After they cut her free, she still can't get up, but keeps trying. Eventually, she is able to stand and the mom and baby head home together. This is something we have never seen before but it's clear the bond between this mom and baby is unbreakable.

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