Tiny Hamsters Get Tiny Burritos For Dinner In Adorable Video

February 09, 2018

Creativity is a wonderful thing, but is there such a thing as taking it too far? One YouTuber by the name of HelloDenizen happens to be a very creative person, and the adoring owner of some hamsters!

He decides that the perfect way to combine his two passions is by making his adorable hamsters their very own burritos! Using beans, tomato, chicken, cilantro and tiny tortillas, he carefully slices and dices his ingredients!

Once his burritos are rolled, he inspects them with a tiny mirror that was designed for use by dentists! Then, it’s time to set the mood!

He lays out a little rug, and a chair made out of a colored pencil box and some rope. Then, he puts out a table made out of a mason jar! He sets the table with a small plate made out of a poker chip!

The first hamster approaches the table and is more than happy to climb on top of the chair. He takes a few cursory sniffs of the burrito before he just shoves it in his mouth, whole!

The second hamster is a bit more classy with his style of eating, and takes his time enjoying his burrito! He takes small nibbles, savoring the taste of his delightful dinner! It’s safe to say that this is one of the cutest things we’ve seen in a long long time!