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When Will Eaton Proposes To His Girlfriend, He Drops To One Knee To Make A Vow Of Friendship To Her Sister As Well

November 03, 2017

I am speaking from experience when I say that the day a man proposes to his future bride, it is one of the most special and unforgettable moments of his life. For the bride, it is a moment in time that remains in her mind's eye for the rest of her days. On the day Will proposes to his girlfriend, Ashley, however, he has to drop to one knee more than once.

For seven years, Will and Ashley have had a wonderful courtship, enjoying many laughs, tears, and times of growth together. Will and Ashley have shared all of these moments with a third person as well - Ashley's sister, Hannah. Hannah and Ashley have a special bond that goes beyond their blood relation. Hannah has Down Syndrome and Diabetes, and Ashley is her full-time caregiver, and always will be.

For Ashley, it was paramount that her boyfriend loves her sister just as much as she does; for Will, it’s been all-too-easy to love Hannah with all his heart. The trio is going through life together and wouldn't want it any other way. Ashley made a joke to Will one evening when she said, "You never thought you'd have to marry two girls at once, right?" Will laughed at the jest, but it gave him an idea. Ashley had no idea that Will was going to propose to her very soon, and Will had another surprise in-store before the joyous day was over.

The big day arrives, and Will's heart is beating out of his chest with the anticipation of the occasion ahead. Will takes Ashley out in a beautiful field, and there he drops to one knee and asks the love of his life to be his wife. Ashley tearfully and graciously accepts his proposal, but Will is not done yet. Hannah is, of course, present and is all smiles as she witnesses the proposal. When Will calls her over, however, Hannah and Ashley are both a little confused.

Will takes Hannah's hand and thanks her for letting him marry her sister. Will then drops to one knee, yet again, and produces a second ring, which he places on Hannah's finger. Will asks Hannah to be his best friend for the rest of his life, letting her know that he will love her, as Ashley loves her, forever. Hannah accepts Will's proposal and, with tears in her eyes, Ashley hugs her sister and her new fiancé.

The plans for the wedding ensue and, in addition to all the traditional aspects, Will and Ashley plan special vows for Will to say to Hannah, and an exclusive dance for Will and Hannah to share at the reception. Ashley has no qualms whatsoever about sharing her special day with her sister. Hannah feels blessed to have not only a loving sister but also a new brother to do life with for the rest of her days. Will and Ashley's wedding is a day that will not be forgotten anytime soon, especially for Hannah.

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