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When You See The Heartbreaking Reason This Dog’s Paw Is In A Cast, You’ll Be Left In Tears At How Far She’s Come

October 04, 2017

Hermione is a gorgeous black-and-white Labrador mix, who was wandering the streets of Gaston, South Carolina when she managed to get herself into a dreadful situation. While running loose, she came across a leghold trap, and the trap snapped shut around her front paw. This sweet dog was in horrible pain, and in desperate need of a rescue.

Photos and video of Hermione began to spread like wildfire across the internet, as people searched for a rescue who could step in and save her life. The local animal control tried to capture the frightened girl, but she refused to approach anyone. They tried utilizing a humane trap, but it seems that Hermione had learned her lesson about approaching metal contraptions.


People began to reach out to a Southern California Dog rescue, Hope For Paws, famous for their challenging yet successful recoveries. Hope For Paws knew they needed to help, but their hands were legally tied because of state laws; believe it or not, they could be arrested if they saved her. One of their loyal fans persisted and was able to get them an in with the local animal control, who gave them the permission they needed before they could step in.

Staff from Hope For Paws immediately jumped onto an airplane and raced to the area where Hermione was last seen, knowing that with every passing day this sweet girl was getting closer to death from infection or predator. The two volunteers were able to earn Hermione’s trust and, within 24 hours of arriving in South Carolina, they had her and were on the way to the vet!

When they arrived, the vet told them that there was so much necrotic tissue that they might have to amputate the paw. With careful precision, however, they were able to remove the dead tissue and avoid the immediate need for amputation. They safely wrapped the wounded leg and gave her medication to help with the infection and pain so that they could begin the trip home to California.


They tried to make flight arrangements but were unable to do so without having to check Hermione in as cargo. Not wanting to subject Hermione to further stress and trauma, they decided to rent a large car with plenty of room for this sweet dog, and started off on their cross-country road trip! Twice during their four-day sojourn, they stopped to get her bandages checked and to be looked over by a veterinarian. During the journey, Hermione came out of her shell and began to reveal not only her sweet and loving side but also her love of stuffed toys!

When they finally arrived back in California, they took Hermione to the Orthopedic Veterinarian who would make the final decision as to whether or not she would lose her leg. After removing two damaged bones from her paw and then reviewing the injury, they concluded that she would be able to keep her leg after all!

Hermione’s long journey to full recovery isn’t quite over yet, as she will require further surgeries to remove additional scar tissue and to encourage healthy healing. In the meantime, this remarkable dog is safe and happy in the care of a dedicated foster family.


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