What They Saw When They Shaved This Dog’s Coat Will Bring Tears To Your Eyes

October 04, 2017


Alice is a gorgeous, fluffy, white dog with the friendliest personality around, but you wouldn’t know that if you had seen her when they rescued her. Alice had been living alone on the streets, two hours from Los Angeles, and was knocking on death’s door. This friendly dog’s fur was so matted that you almost couldn’t see her eyes, and it hid how truly bad-off she was.

Hope For Paws is a Los Angeles based Animal Rescue facility that specializes in difficult cases, such as when a dog is hard to catch or in need of serious, immediate, medical attention. When they received a call about a dog who was so matted she could hardly see, they knew that she needed their help - and fast.

When Hope for Paws staff arrived on the scene, they knew she was one of the worst cases they’d ever seen but, at the time, weren’t able to fully grasp the severity of her plight. All they knew was that she needed immediate medical attention. They sprang into action, gaining Alice’s trust and convincing her that they were friends to be trusted.

When they had her, they raced her to the vet. One of the first things they did was shave off her coat to give themselves the chance to thoroughly assess her status. When the matted pelt was removed, they couldn’t help but cry at the sight of her many afflictions. She was infested with fleas and ticks, severely underweight, and was at death’s door. 


The worst thing of all was the severe burns on the inside of her mouth. As a result of being so desperate for food, she ate something that left her mouth with seeping open wounds from a chemical burn. The pain was extreme, and her mouth reeked of necrotic tissue. At first, the team wasn’t sure if Alice would survive her injuries and the malnutrition but, with the help of their dedicated vet, Alice was able to overcome the abuse she had suffered. When she was healthy enough to be released, one of her rescuers took her on as a foster pup until she could be placed in her forever home.

In spite of everything she had been through, Alice was able to come back to full health. Thanks to Hope For Paws rescue and one Good Samaritan, this fantastic dog will never again have to endure such horrible atrocities.


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