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While Police Were Searching For Missing 2 Year Old, German Sheperd Takes The Lead And Has Everyone Talking After Doing This!

February 20, 2017

Losing a child is every parent's worst nightmare! Imagine the complete fear one might feel after not being able to find their missing 2-year old!

In New York, a 2-year-old named River wandered off from his home and had police frantically searching for 6 hours. 

Police employed their K-9 co-worker, Ava, to help in the search! 

Ava eventually led police to a blueberry bush where the toddler was laying down and was then rescued by police. 

Police said it would have been difficult without the help from Ava! Thank goodness for animals and their amazing instincts! 

Watch the video below to watch Ava lead police right to the missing child and see why the news is sharing this great story! 

How amazing is this to see an animal save a life?! This is exactly why we love animals so much!