With Crazy Eyes And Deformed Legs, No One Wanted This Kitten Because of His Medical Condition.

September 07, 2017

This precious kitten is the true definition of adorable. Born with Hydrocephalus, a condition that causes water on the brain and skeletal disorders such as twisted limbs, this little guy certainly had a rough start to life. When Lisa Jones found out about Zeke, the 13 week-old kitten, he was about to be euthanized at a local animal shelter. Because of his strange appearance, bulging eyes and twisted legs, everyone always just passed him by. That is until Lisa caught a glimpse of him.

Jones, part of an organization called Super Hero’s Animal Hydrocephalus Society, stepped in to save the life of this precious baby boy. Despite his disabilities, Zeke has mastered the art of getting from one place to another. "Zeke is hysterical, behaving as any normal kitten should, and despite all of his disabilities, has a heck of A LOT OF ABILITIES!!!" Lisa writes on Facebook.


"He romps, rolls, plays, and unsuccessfully tried to climb (but it was a good try) and believes his litter box is actually a sand box and digs and somersaults all around in the litter. How do you correct a behavior that is just beyond adorable? You don't, you just make sure it's constantly clean!"

She continues, "Zeke is such a smart little guy for all his issues. He knows his name, comes when you call, and you can see how frustrated he actually gets with both of his front legs when he cannot do something. It is amazing the amount of higher intelligence that he possesses, " Jones says.


Today, Zeke is all grown up and looks amazing! From the looks of him now, you would never recognize him as the same sickly kitten that no one ever wanted to adopt. Please share this story to help special needs kittens and cats, like Zeke, find loving homes.

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