You Will Never Believe Who This Lion's Best Friend Is! [Video]

March 22, 2017

Whenever I went to the zoo as a kid, the first thing I wanted to see was the lions. As an adult, that desire has not changed. There was something about lions that was so captivating and it made it very hard to tear my gaze away from the majestic creatures.

Lions, however, are super intimidating, no matter how you look at them. But, with a name like "Bone Digger," the lion in this story might just take the cake when it comes to the intimidation factor. Needless to say, no one was planning on making friends with this lion anytime soon.

Bone Digger was born at G.W. Exotic Animal Park, in Wynnewood, Oklahoma. Bone Digger was one of many big cats that were transferred to the Animal Park because of economic strain. Many places that sheltered animals were unable to keep them and needed a safe place to send their beloved animals.

That is when the animal park stepped in to help. Sheltering animals that range from exotic birds to big cats, G.W. Exotic Animal Park was more than happy to take in anyone and everyone that needed a new home. This included Bone Digger.

From birth, the zookeepers could tell that Bone Digger was going to be a handful. He had a rambunxious personality and did not seem to get along with anyone, except one particular zookeeper. John Reikene had been working with the animal park for quite some time and did not have a fear of working with difficult animals.

Because John was so fearless and persistent when it came to Bone Digger, the young lion took a liking to the zookeeper. John knew that, as Bone Digger got older, the lion would need companionship. Bone Digger, however, seemed perfectly content to be alone in his cage and would chase off anyone who wasn't John. That is until John brought four Daschund dogs to the park one afternoon.

John wanted the small dogs to act as a kind of therapy for the larger animals. One of the dogs, named Abby, took a particular interest in Bone Digger. The only question was, would Bone Digger like having Abby around. The video on the next page will show you just how far Bone Digger has come. CLICK "NEXT PAGE" TO READ THE REST OF THE STORY...

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