Man Visits His Elderly Relative With Alzheimer's. Moments After Entering The House He See's Something Terrifying Causing Him To Immediately Spring Into Action

July 27, 2017

This is Hidey, the cat. If you can't tell that's a cat, don't worry you are not alone. A Pittsburgh man was visiting the home of an elderly relative with Alzheimer's when he saw something hiding under a bed.

It was a strange, terrifying thing that looked like a hairy octopus but when he got closer he realized the scary thing hiding under the bed was a cat with dreadlock like looking hair. This poor cat was trapped by its own fur and barely able to move. It had obviously suffered years of neglect because her owner was suffering a mental illness. On top of the massive amounts of hair, she was also very obese for a cat.  

The man took the cat, who he named Hidey for her ability to hide, to the Animal Rescue League shelter where staff immediately went to work to free the cat from her horrible situation.



The staff at Animal Rescue League began to shave off the crazy amounts of hair to discover a beautiful calico kitty. She is now able to move a run and play like every other cat. Hidey was placed in a relatives home and is making incredible progress. We are so happy for Hidey that she got a new chance at life.

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