Group Of Bystanders Risk Everything To Make Sure Drowning Dog Has Every Chance To Survive

January 24, 2018

As the rushing waters keep pushing the drowning dog away from his only point of rescue, the steadfast group of bystanders stop at nothing to give the precious pup every possible chance to survive. Meanwhile, using every last ounce of energy he has, the determined doggy struggles to keep his head above water.

Every time the courageous canine gets within reach of the waiting heroes, the rush of the river cruelly shoves him back, just beyond the grasp of one of the men.

Time and again, we hold our breath as we wonder if the exhausted animal is going to be plucked from the jaws of the torrential current.

Just when it seems that it’s not going to happen, something miraculous occurs. Everything finally lines up and the timing of the water flow and that of the man’s outstretched arm are in sync.

One last thrust toward the floundering friend and the man’s hand closes around a handful of the desperate dog’s soaking wet fur. And not a moment too soon!

The men quickly carry their victim to shore where he will, undoubtedly, be examined for any damage from his perilous experience. We’re so glad these compassionate people were willing to step into a dangerous situation in order to save one of God’s beautiful creatures.

To watch the entire nerve-racking rescue, just click on the video, below.

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