Adorable Owl and Dog Are The Best of Friends And Extremely Photogenic, Too

January 25, 2018

Unexpected animal friendships can be some of the most wonderful things to see, and are a great way to bring a smile to the faces of anyone who is lucky enough to see the best friends! It seems that the more different the friends, the more perfect the friendship. There is no friendship cuter than that between Ingo, a Belgian Shepherd, and a Little Owl named Poldi.

Poldi hatched later than his beloved dear siblings and has remained behind ever since. He is smaller than even the other Little Owls and has needed all of the extra love and attention that he could get. A professional animal photographer and artist named Tanja Brandt was more than happy to help raise the little owlet up, and it didn’t take Poldi long to fall in love with her dog, Ingo.

Ingo does his best to take care of his beloved owlet, and it’s definitely in his blood to look after Poldi! Ingo is descended from a long line of police K9s so he is well-prepared to take care of his little, feathered friend! The two are extremely close to one another and love to snuggle up whenever they get the chance.

Poldi and Ingo are the best of friends who are surely meant to be together. Of course, they don’t live together constantly in order to make sure they are able to live happy and safe lives, but they do have play dates very often! This friendship is one of the most amazing things we’ve seen, and it’s truly adorable!