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Bear And His Brother Were Turned Over To A Rescue As Young Pups. They Weren’t Adopted Together, But They’re Still Best Friends

October 18, 2017

Dogs are spectacular creatures, and it’s not hard to see why they’re so beloved. Their loyalty and loving behavior know no bounds, and they’ll go to the ends of the earth for their families. Sometimes these amazing companions require the help of their families to overcome their pasts and learn to be better dogs! Bear is a wonderful dog who needed the help of his loving family to help him learn to come out of his shell.

Bear and Dublin are Mastiff/Boxer/Catahoula mixed-breed brothers who were turned over to a rescue as young puppies. They were the result of an accidental breeding when someone didn’t spay and neuter their animals. Thankfully, the breeder did the right thing and turned the puppies over to Southern Ohio Animal Rescue to help them find their perfect forever homes, rather than abandoning them or dropping them at a local animal shelter.

While they were at their foster home, Bear got attacked by another dog. The attacker bit his face so badly that his jaw was fractured! His jaw did heal completely, but he was left with a bump on his muzzle that will never go away. Sadly, that’s not the only scar he has from the attack. Bear gets severely anxious around other dogs now, worried about a repeat attack.

When the rescue listed the boys on Petfinder, Bear was spotted by a young couple who were smitten with him at first sight. They were so in love with him, that they made a three-hour trek to go adopt him! Luckily for Dublin, he was adopted by Bear’s new aunt! The two still meet up to play whenever they can, and when one of their families goes out of town they stay with their sibling.

Bear was both excited and terrified to go to his new home, and he would tuck his tail and hide whenever he could. This naturally-shy dog was not outgoing and was extremely unsure about all of the change he was going through! One of the things that helped Bear adjust to his new family was his new older sister, Savannah. Savannah is a 13-year-old Shepherd/Lab/Terrier mix that Bear quickly learned to trust, although it took her a little longer to get used to his energy!

Bear and Dublin are now living the best life any rescue dog could ask for, and they are so lucky to be able to play with each other whenever they want. The two dogs were given the chance at their amazing lives because their mother’s owner knew she needed help finding them forever homes, and because the rescue was able to step in and assist. Anyone who has ever donated to Southern Ohio Animal Rescue is responsible for helping these gorgeous pups go to their perfect homes.

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