Nala Cat Is An Official World Record Holder And She Didn't Have To Lift A Paw To Do It

October 12, 2017

You've probably seen or at least heard of cats breaking Guinness World Records before. The few that I have seen have all been for performing tricks or various other activities. Nala Cat, however, won an official world record just for being popular!

That's right. Nala is the Guinness World Record holder for being The Most Popular Cat on Instagram! Nala has an astounding 3.4 million people that follow her on Instagram! The Siamese/Tabby mix has a unique look to her and people just gobble it up.

Nala was adopted from a shelter when she was five months old. She lives in California with her human mom and two fur-siblings named Coffee and Luna Rose, who are quite the little celebrities as well!

It's hard to choose what you love the most about Nala Cat. Is it her big blue enchanting eyes or the quizzical and often hilarious facial expressions she makes? I happen to adore the surprised look that she has in several photos.

Nala does not just sit around and look pretty. She uses her celebrity for good, and the purchase of merchandise with her likeness supports noble causes. Nala uses her platform to advocate for pet adoption and helping the less fortunate animals of the world. There are so many lonely and forgotten creatures out there that are in need of a purr-fect fur-ever home!

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