Marvin Found The Purr-fect Fur-ever Home But He Missed His Sister Zelda. His People Knew What They Had To Do

October 17, 2017

Often, when you go to a cat shelter, you wish you could adopt all of the sweet creatures, but know that it’s probably not the best idea. So, you pick one or let it choose you since we all know that is how the whole cat thing works anyway. What happens when you bring the baby home though, and it is sad and lonely?

Marvin chose the family that he wanted for his very own. He did not, however, realize that doing so meant leaving behind his dear sister Zelda. You see, at just a few days old, Marvin and Zelda had been abandoned, and subsequently raised together at the Cat Museum. They were very close.

When the family arrived home with Marvin, it was clear that he was missing his sibling. Every time Marvin was left alone in a room he cried and cried until someone came to him. Like any good cat parent, they returned to the Cat Museum four hours later and brought Zelda home.

Marvin and Zelda are so happy to be back together again! Although, Marvin still does hate to be in a room by himself. Their people say that the siblings cuddle, fight, play, and groom one another and are a joy to watch. How excellent that Marvin and Zelda have been reunited and can share the same happy fur-ever family!

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