Cat Finds Ducklings, And Lovingly Becomes The Mama They Didn't Know They Needed

October 16, 2017

Our story takes place in Ireland, on the farm of Rowen and Emma. The young couple already had quite a few animals and decided it would be an excellent time to add some ducklings to the mix. They bought fertilized duck eggs and began to wait for them to hatch.

They went to check on the baby ducks the day they hatched, and could not locate them anywhere. Then, Rowen saw the cat. He assumed that she must have had a good meal of ducklings that day, but the couple continued their search just in case that was not what had happened.


Finally, about six hours later, they found the ducklings, but not before Della the cat did! Before they could swoop up the ducklings, she already had one in her mouth. Then, Emma noticed something strange; Della was not biting down on the small yellow duckling. After careful consideration, they placed Della onto the ground with the ducklings to see what would happen next.

Almost immediately, the three little fuzzy-headed birds waddled over to the cat and began nuzzling against her as if to nurse. Rowen and Emma were entirely blown away by what this cat was doing! What was making this cat so calm and nurturing towards this would-be prey?

Upon further investigation, Emma discovered that Della was a new mama. Just an hour or so beforehand, Della had given birth to a litter of kittens! Amazingly, Della had seen the ducklings during a small window of time that her maternal instincts were strongest and she had mommy-juice flowing through her body! Any other time and the couple is sure she would have been enjoying a nice meal instead.

The story is even more astonishing than Della taking in and nurturing the ducklings, though! Emma and Rowen wanted to put the new family somewhere cozier. They lifted up the cat to move her and got a real shock! The ducklings were not just snuggling next to their newfound mama; the ducklings had latched on and were nursing! The crazy thing is ducklings do not nurse at all and are ready to eat food at birth.

What a beautiful tale of love! Della became a mama to not only a litter of furry babies that day but also to three yellow-feathered babies as well. Talk about being in the right place at the right time. Watch this incredible story in the video, below!

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