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Blind Dog and Brother Are Separated After 8 Years Together - Then A Hero Steps In

November 30, 2017

Benji and Pelor are two gorgeous Shih Tzus who live with their adoring family where they are spoiled rotten. Pelor is the fun-loving, black one, while Benji is the rambunctious, honey-colored one! These two pups are the best of friends, and the thought of them being apart is enough to break anyone's heart.

Benji and Pelor have been the best of friends since they originally met, and they’ve been inseparable ever since. Sadly, for a time, they were forcefully separated through no fault of their own. These two brothers lived in a caring family home until tragedy struck. Their owners got divorced, and Pelor was diagnosed with glaucoma, shattering their family.

Benji and Pelor were surrendered to Heidi’s Haven Rescue after the divorce, and they lost the only home they’d ever known. Pelor’s glaucoma grew so bad that veterinarians had to completely remove his eyes to give him any quality of life. To make the situation even worse, the boys were separated, and each went to his own foster home.

Luckily for the boys, it wouldn’t stay that way for long. Their future family was on the hunt for a new pup and stumbled across their listing on Petfinder. Once they read their story and realized how slim their chances of getting adopted were - since they were a senior, bonded pair with one of them being blind - they knew they needed to bring the pups home with them. Everyone was in love from the first time they met, and so the boys were reunited.

Pelor and Benji are ecstatic to be back together, and they will never have to be apart again. Benji makes sure that Pelor stays out of trouble, and does his best to take the best care of his brother that he can. Ever since they were reunited, these two have stayed close to one another, refusing to leave each other out of the fear that they would be separated again.

The boys are slowly learning how to trust again, and are beginning to realize that they don’t need to fear separation ever again. They now spend their days running around and curling up together at the end of a long day to snuggle up for the night. Thankfully, these two boys have only love and joy to look forward to for the rest of their lives!

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