Blueberry Lived Alone In A Backyard For Eighteen Months. Now, She’s A Beloved Family Member

November 09, 2017

Blueberry is a gorgeous blue and white French Bulldog who lives with her adoring owner in Seattle. Blueberry is a much beloved pup who loves to curl up and nap with her dad and canine brother. When she’s not napping the day away, this sweet pup loves to spend her time playing with her bro and begging for table scraps!

Blueberry is living the good life currently, but her past is full of horrors and neglect that we still can’t be certain the full extent of. What we do now, is enough to break our hearts. Blueberry’s younger years were spent in a backyard, away from the family she loved so much.

When Blueberry’s previous family first got her, they doted on the pup. She was a close member of the family, and she spent her time following them around and being their best friend possible.They loved her and cared for her, taking care of all of her needs.

That is, until Blueberry made a few too messes and made a bit too much noise. When they started seeing Blueberry as a hassle rather than a beloved pet, they decided to lock her in the backyard. No longer was the once dear pet invited inside to be a member of the family.

She lived outside for over a year and a half, never coming inside, no matter how bad the weather was. She even remained outside on nights when the temperatures would dip low into the thirty degrees Fahrenheit range. When rescuers stepped in to save her, her right ear had crumpled down completely, likely due to an untreated hematoma, but she had never let the neglect she suffered turn her away from her love of people.

Blueberry’s currently family fell in love with her right away after seeing her photo, and her dad flew down to California, where he picked her up and made a long drive back to Seattle with her. Ever since, the two have been completely inseparable! They go on long walks together, and play fetch for hours at a time. While the first few years of Blueberry’s life may have been rather rough, it’s safe to say the future is definitely looking bright.

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