Skip Lost His Leg, A Toe, And Half Of His Tail Due To Neglect. Now, He’s Living The Good Life

November 08, 2017

Skip is a gorgeous nine-year-old hound mix who lives with his adoring owner in Illinois. Skip loves his adoptive sister, Lola, and these two seniors love to go on long walks and play together all day long. This little family is full of love and, together, they are some of the happiest pups around. Sadly for Skip, his life hasn’t always been full of love and joy.

In 2013, when Skip was five years old, he was dumped at a rural shelter after being shot twice in his left hind leg. Sadly, the shelter he was dropped off at was not a good place. It was overcrowded and extremely underfunded, and they were unable to provide the care he needed.

The next three years of Skip’s life were spent in his own personal hell. He lived in an outside kennel, where he was exposed to the elements all of the time. He was even beginning to lose his fur from all of it. The worst thing of all, though, was that he received no medical care for his gunshot wounds.

I was fortunate for Skip that, in January of 2016, the shelter was shut down as a hoarding case. The Tails Of Hope Animal Rescue stepped in to save Skip, and were horrified to find the state in which he was living. Not only was most of his fur missing, but he had a BB embedded in his front shoulder; he was also missing half of his tail and one of his toes.

In June of 2016, his future-family made the decision to begin the search for a friend for their other older rescue dog, Lola. On June 26, they met Skip for the first time, and it was love at first sight. He came home with them the very next day, and began to blend into the family perfectly.

One week after being adopted, Skip’s hind leg had to be amputated due to complications from the neglect of his gunshot wound. In April of 2017, he had to have half of a toe amputated on the foot where he was already missing a toe - due to chronic inflammation. Even though he’s missing quite a few body parts, it’s never held him back!

Skip has managed to fit into his family perfectly, overcoming his horrible past. Nowadays, this magnificent pup spends his free time digging in the garden, smiling for treats, or lounging with his beloved momma. It’s safe to say that, even though the beginning of Skip’s life was rather rough, the rest of it is sure to be full of happiness.

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