Tofu Was Sentenced To Death As A Puppy. Thanks To The Dedication Of One Woman, She’s A Dear Family Member Today

November 10, 2017

Tofu is a gorgeous Saluki mix who lives with her adoring owner and sister in Rotterdam, Netherlands. Tofu spends her days racing along the paths and trails, living life to the fullest. When she’s not racing along, you can find her roughhousing with her adopted sister, Se, and playing fetch into the late hours of the day.

Although Tofu is living the good life nowadays, the beginning of her life was extremely rough. Before coming to live with Se and their momma, she lived wild on the streets of Romania. She wasn’t alone, however, and she spent her free days running wild with her sister, Daisy.

The two sisters fought hard to survive every day, scrounging for scraps of food on the dirty streets. At night, Daisy and Tofu curled up together on the streets, never sleeping in the same place twice. The two worked hard to survive and were doing a good job of it, until one fateful day.

On a chilly winter morning, the sisters were out searching for food when they were caught by the dogcatcher. The girls were taken to a very high kill shelter, where they only had weeks to live. Luckily for them, a woman was there to do her best to find them homes. The woman visited the shelters, photographing the dogs and posting them all on Facebook, in the desperate hope of finding them homes. When someone wants one of the dogs, she arranges a foster for them so that they can be saved.

Tofu’s mom was debating getting a new sister for Se, and when she stumbled across Tofu’s photo, her heart was stolen. It wasn’t until Tofu’s photo was posted a second time, however, that she knew they were meant to be. The tofu was pulled from the rescue and went to live with her new family. Unfortunately, no one is quite sure what happened to Daisy, but the sad truth is that she most likely never made it out. Sadly, Tofu’s mother didn’t learn about Daisy until it was too late.

When Tofu first arrived home, she was nervous, but it didn’t take long for her to warm up to her beloved family. Now, Tofu spends her life being the little joker that she is, racing down trails on their long hikes, and posing for truly stunning photographs. While the start of young Tofu’s life may have been extremely rough, the rest is sure to be full of joy and love if her family has anything to say about it!

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