Boat Is Approached By Killer Whale. What It Does Next Will Shock You!

August 22, 2017

It was a beautiful, clear day on the Sea of Cortez in Bahia de los Angele, Mexico.  A handful of people gathered to enjoy a lovely boat ride as well as the beaming warmth from the sun.  Little did they know, their trip would encounter more than just the smell of the ocean breeze.  They would also encounter one of the most majestic creatures in the ocean, an Orca, also known as the Killer Whale!


These magnificent mammals are apex predators upon which no other creature can prey.  Feeding on fish, seals, sea lions, dolphins, sharks and rays (just to name a few).  Ranging from three to twelve thousand pounds, and with a length span of sixteen to twenty-six feet, these stunning whales remain as alpha predators under the sea and just the sight of them is sure to leave you in awe!

instagram2.jpgWith just how remarkable these creatures are in every way shape and form, you can imagine how in shock everyone was when on that beautiful sunny day their barge was approached suddenly by a very large orca.  Unaware of what it wanted, it’s curiosity continued to bring it closer and closer to everyone and eventually just a few feet away from one of the ladies on the boat.  Showing no signs of aggression, this killer whale dipped down under their boat, circled back around and appeared one last time before disappearing into the deep blue sea.  A truly peaceful encounter for both whale and humans, one that you’ll too want to experience!


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