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This Dog Sat Vigil Next To Her Dead Friend For Two Weeks Before Rescuers Stepped In To Save Her

August 24, 2017

If there is one thing that everyone knows dogs are famous for, it is their loyalty. They will go to the ends of the earth for their loved ones, and would die for them. When their owners or beloved friends pass, they’ve been known to sit vigil or mourn their friends for weeks or months, if not longer. One stray dog named Cassandra reminded everyone just how extreme a dog’s loyalty is. 

Hope for Paws received a call about a dog who was in desperate need of help, and knew they needed to jump into action. Cassandra is a pit bull mix who had been living next to the railroad tracks while awaiting her help. She had been keeping company with a poodle, but sadly the poodle crossed the rainbow bridge two weeks before Hope for Paws got the call. Cassandra kept vigil over her friend, never straying far from her.

When Hope for Paws Rescuers Lisa Arturo and JoAnn Wiltz arrived on the scene, they found Cassandra across the street from her friend, and they began to work on catching her. Cassandra was nervous about all the activity of the rescuers, but still refused to leave.

Lisa slowly approached Cassandra, and kneeled down on the sidewalk, trying to lure her in with cheeseburgers. Cassandra was fearful of Lisa, and would not approach her. However, Cassandra was also brave and loyal and although she was terrified she wouldn’t abandon her friend. Eventually, Lisa and JoAnn began to worry about the traffic driving by because if Cassandra spooked she could very easily be hit by a car.

Lisa pulled out a catch pole and lay the loop on the ground around a pile of hamburger. When Cassandra approached the pile of food and began to eat, Lisa took advantage of the situation and looped her with the catch pole.Cassandra was terrified by being caught, and began to try and run away. Moving quickly but carefully, JoAnn was able to get her lucky leash around Cassandra’s head and began to calm the scared dog.

When they got her calmed down, they loaded her up into their vehicle and took her to the vet. Cassandra received a check up, shots, and a much needed warm bath. The warm bath gave her another chance to settle and realize that the people were only helping her. 

Doggie Bonez Rescue stepped in to help foster Cassandra and find her the perfect home. This loving dog who reminded everyone what loyalty is, now awaits her forever home, but for now she lives in a caring foster home where she is loved, spoiled, and has made a new friend!

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