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When Rescuers Saw Where Biggie Was, One Man Risked His Life To Save The Brave Dog

August 14, 2017

German Shepherds are one of the best dog breeds around in my opinion. They are extremely brave and loyal, and would go to the ends of the earth for their owner if asked. Even the bravest of dogs need a helping hand sometimes, and Biggie definitely needed these saviors. 

Hope For Paws is an animal rescue based out of Los Angeles, California but they will rescue dogs all over Southern California when they need them. When they got word of Biggie’s situation, they raced out to Compton to help him. Biggie had become trapped at the bottom of the Los Angeles River, and there was nowhere for him to leave it for miles. Residents had noticed his plight and thrown food to him while they tried to find anyone to intervene.

Biggie was at great risk where he was, if California had gotten a rain storm he would have had no shelter and the channel would have filled with water. He could even have been swept out to sea. When Eldad and the rescue team arrived, they were faced with the difficult task in front of them.

The rescuers were not equipped for such a hard rescue, and residents began to scramble together whatever they needed to help. One of the residents brought them a ladder that Eldad lowered through a gap in the fence - after tying it together with his lucky leash - and he began the rickety descent. Had the ladder failed or he fallen, Eldad could easily have cracked his head on the concrete below.

Biggie warmed up to Eldad after a few minutes, but still wasn’t a big fan of the leash so Eldad had to work slowly. Eventually he was able to get a leash on him, and then the next problem began. He carefully got the gentle Biggie into a cage the rest of the rescuers and the residents lowered down to him, and he made sure it was tied up securely. Carefully, locals began to raise the brave dog in the cage and got him to safety without dropping him. Although Biggie was surely scared, he never fought or thrashed in the cage during his time lifted off the ground.

When both man and dog were safe from the dangers of the Los Angeles River - and falling to their deaths - they took Biggie to get a much needed bath and veterinary care. The Veterinarians estimated that Biggie was 3-5 years old at the time of his rescue, but no one knows how he ended up in the river.

Coastal German Shepherd Rescue took Biggie in and renamed him, River. River found his new home less than four months after he was rescued, and he will be able to live a happy and well loved life! 

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