After 7 Years Of Neglect This Dog Is Finally Rescued. He Then Gets 35 Pounds Of Excess Hair Shaved Off. The Transformation is Unbelievable

August 14, 2017

Meet Lazarus, the Great Pyrenees, who was found living in terrible conditions trapped in a 12 by 12 barn. This poor pup was inside that barn stall for six years without anyone caring for him after his owner was diagnosed with a terminal medical condition. 

His un-groomed hair weighed an astonishing 35lbs. That's a lot of unnecessary weight for a dog to carry around. He could barely move. Thankfully, a family member contacted the local animal rescue to free the dog from this horrible condition and Lazarus was taken to Big Fluffy Dog Rescue to get the help he needed.

Groomers cut his hair and gave him a shocking transformation. Can you say freedom?! Once all of his hair was cut off, Lazarus was a new pup. He is now able to move play, he even looked ten years younger. Losing all that hair transformed Lazarus into a brand new dog but some damage was done and he still needed some help. 

His foster mom Amanda Charsha-Lindsey brought Lazarus into her home and started the journey to help the dog regain his strength. "We’re having to rebuild his muscles back and get him to a normal gait and we will get him to a point where he can walk and run with some sort of ease," she said. "Right now he has to think about every step he takes."

"We're letting him move at his own pace," said Charsha-Lindsey, who says the dog now weighs around 60 pounds. "He stays mainly in the garage, but will go out and sniff the grass," Charsha-Lindsey said Lazarus condition was the worst case she’s ever seen.

Some would even say Lazarus was brought back to life! (WINK, WINK.) We are so happy for this guy and thankful for people who go out of their way to help and rescue animals. Watch the video below.

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