Chef Creates Amazing Homemade Sushi For His Cats

February 13, 2018

YouTube Chef JunsKitchen is one of the most creative chefs around! He loves to spend his days trying out and making new recipes for his felines whenever he gets the chance. Recently, he made something that the cats went absolutely crazy for!

Jun’s cats were treated to a delicious meal of homemade sushi! He used all cat healthy ingredients, from Sea Bream, Tuna, and Chicken Breast to Mustard Spinach and Bonito Broth! It sounds and looks so good that we can’t help but be jealous!

Jun’s patience as he cooks the scrumptious treats is something of a legend! He painstakingly chops the ingredients down, and grinds them into a paste using nothing more than his knife and cutting board!

After he gets everything small, he then cooks it! He doesn’t just throw it in a pan though, he uses cheesecloth and water to steam the food, preserving as much of its health benefits as he possibly can without having to add anything that the cats shouldn’t have.

After he finishes cooking, the time comes to put the sushi together. He works carefully to put it together, not wavering as he slowly composes the delicious meal for his felines.

When the time comes for the delightful sushi to be given to his cats, they can’t wait! They impatiently try to sit still while the food is placed before them and they gobble it down as fast as they possibly can!